reversing the effects of pregnancy on the body

Many women would argue that there is no wonderful and more meaningful even than bringing a child into the world. Pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful thing but it can

Five Common Questions About Body Contouring

There are many reasons why people decide to get body contouring done. Here at Midwest Plastic Surgery, we have helped hundreds of our

Over time as we age the body begins to wear down and muscled start to lose their tone and shape. When this occurs, fatty deposits take their place and areas

We all want to look our best and as unfortunate as it may be, we live in a day and age where looks matter.  After the stress of the busy

While media today represents well-endowed women as being beautiful and attractive, for many women, large oversized breasts are something that can cause a lot of pain and anguish. They can

When you want the best lash extensions available to Chicago residents, you will want to come see us at Midwest Plastic Surgery. This is the only place where you

Winter is a time for fun in the snow, trips to the skating pond, building a snowman, and it is also the time for outdoor work in the cold shoveling

neck liposuction

Winter is a frigid and brutal time of the year but especially for your skin. The cold air, bitter winds, heated air indoors, low moisture levels, and numbness all contribute

Taking care of your skin may be a year-round process but the way you take care of skin and treat it will change as the seasons do.  What works in

While most people think of women when they hear someone talk about liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery, it is not just a female exclusive procedure. Men too can