Lip Enhancement By Dr. Kouris

Lip Enhancement With Juvederm Ultra® and Belotero®

Lip enhancement, also known as lip augmentation is a procedure that gives you fuller, plumper lips. It also smoothes out minute lines and wrinkling that have formed around the mouth. Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra® and Belotero® are the most popular methods of lip augmentation.

How Lip Enhancement Works

Lip enhancement is done via a number of methods. Lip augmentation procedures can include fat transfers, as well as hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers like Juvederm Ultra® and Belotero®. These substances are steadily and safely absorbed by the body, so a touch-up treatment now and again will be required to retain your full-lipped appearance. Each treatment lasts up to 9 months. Many patients consider this as beneficial, since it allows them to sample lip augmentation and adjust the amount of fullness according to preference at any given time.

When we age, the contours and shapes of our lips can begin to droop. Our lips can also become thinner. This can be particularly problematic when a person has naturally thin lips to begin with. Lip augmentation helps address the negative effects of the natural aging process, can enhance thin lip contours or help people improve their appearance with a fuller look.

Whatever each patient’s goals may be, lip enhancement procedures can help create a more inviting, youthful facial appearance that redefines a person’s sense of beauty and self-confidence. Lip enhancement is done in the office with topical numbing pre-treatment. You should expect some swelling and possible slight brusing, which will typically resolve within two to three days.

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